Current Brothers


Alpha Kappa Psi provides many opportunities for its members to improve professionally, socially, and in the campus community. The chapter network offers many connections to a diverse range of people, so it is very common to see a freshman ask an upperclassman for career advice and resume help. Furthermore, the Executive Board organizes at least three formal professional events per semester, and they can range from prominent guest speakers to exclusive networking sessions with companies to leadership development. As there are no pre-qualifications to rushing the fraternity, the body of its members has become incredibly diverse.


While many students’ friends and social lives are heavily influenced by their major and school, Alpha Kappa Psi is able to broaden a friend network by connecting students who would have never met otherwise. Whether you are a business major, pre-med, or art student, you will be sure to meet and become
 friends with a variety of other WashU students. Finally, Alpha Kappa Psi is very involved in the community here at Wash. U. Whether it is selling Pappy’s BBQ for charity at the annual Thurtene carnival or participating in intramural sports, joining the fraternity provides a channel for its members to further be part of the vibrant campus community.




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Tyler Friedman

Sara Miller

Omar Abdelaziz


Brother Testimonies

Alpha Kappa Psi at Washington University has defined my college experience. While I was not sure if being in a business fraternity was something that I would have interest in, it has easily become my best decision in college. I have spent the past two semesters on the executive board and it has provided me both an opportunity to grow professionally through the Alpha Lambda Network as well as grow personally as a leader. While Alpha Kappa Psi is a professional fraternity, it also provides an amazing social outlet for the brothers. Alpha Kappa Psi is open to all majors and because of that, we have a unique and diverse brotherhood that makes the organization incredible.

-Casey Wagenaar, Vice-President of Administration

[AKPsi] is so dope Drake couldn't write a diss track about it.

-Sam Isenberg

Class of 2017

Aquino, David

Balasundaram, Arvind

Barrow, Brooke

Becker, Ryan

Benson, Rebecca

Bhamidipati, Theja

Burns, Jenna

Chen, Ophelia

Cho, Justin

Cooney, Ellie

Cottingham, Jarian

DyBuncio, Bea

Friedman, Tyler

Gallop, Amanda

Gallop, Oliver

Gandhi, Arjun

Glantz, Andrew

Hahn, Garrett

Hess, Morgan

Kaminsky, Adam

Kauzlarich, Nick

Kobliner, Ariel

Levine, Emily

Liu, Matt

Ma, Wilson

Moosa, Nooreen

Nepa, Nina

Nguyen, Chi

Odom, Katherine

Perl, Hannah

Prussick, Jessie

Recht, Esteban

Rollins, Sterling

Ross, Amanda

Rubin, Emily

Salzman, Nicola

Sands, Casey

Teslovich, George

Wagenaar, Casey

Wang, Grace


Class of 2018

Abdelaziz, Omar

Abramowitz, Carly

Bai, Jeff

Cala, Gaby

Chiang, Victor

Dansky, Liv

Dotan, Laurella

Figenshau, Mike

Finn, Dan

Gaowen, Weber

Getzoff, Jonathan

Gilfoyle, Maria

Goay, Alex

Gong, Tess

Hon, Fiona

Holtzclaw, Emily

Hong, Mikaela

Howe, Tom

Kenwood, Meaulnes

Lyle, Jilly

Meijer, Liz

Miller, Sara

Moskiewicz, Monica 

Narasimhan, Arya

Niman, Lauren

Pursley, Sarah

Schwab, Christina

Seaman, Lydia

Selzer, Dan

Stain, Pascale

Tanner, Sarah

Tautiva, Briana

Turner, Ellie

Wu, Richard

Zadeh, Shawdon

Zarny, Sara

Zhou, Joshua

Class of 2019

Corona, Cam

Demarest, Trace

Elsperman, Stefanie

Footman, Jianna

Hammett, DJ

James, Tyler

Katzin, Rachel

Kaufmann, Andy

Kaushansky, Michael

Kelly-Hooks, Kennedy

Kim, Casey

Kiple, Sheridan

Lin, Lydia

Lu, Eric

Luo, Barry

Morgan, Annelise

Morgan, Betsy

Murray, Nicholas

Okelo, Bryan

Podolsky, Daniel

Ryan, Kelly

Sievewright, Kendall

Stillman, Alex

Tiger, Benjamin

Wight, Morgan



Class of 2020


Kushner, Daniel

Erman, Matt

Rockwell, Chris 

Kahn, Maddy

Motch, David


Wu, Albert